Let Callagenix numbers unlock the communication powers of your organisation.

Choose the right number for your business.

A toll-free (freephone) 0800 number, a local-code number, a national number or a revenue- generating number - then let us ensure that it works effectively for you.

All numbers can be used with our powerful range of Callagenix Solutions, giving you great choice and flexibility in how you handle your calls. For example, we could build you a complete phone system around a virtual PBX and set up hunt groups to route calls to your staff, wherever they are based. Calls can be routed anywhere in the world over the public telephone network, via VoIP (IP) or to a VoIP or Sip Trunk.

Everything from a comprehensive range of UK local 01 and 02 phone numbers to 08, 03 and 090 national numbers. All our numbers are cloud-hosted, giving you the flexibility to change instantly how you handle incoming calls or to move premises without disruption.

If you know the number type you are after, click on the links in the box.  If you are not sure and need to speak to someone, click on the link below.

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Then you can:

  • Route to any device anywhere in the world.
  • Make instant changes to the destination or routing structure.
  • Create a simple or sophisticated call plan from our powerful blend of bolt-on services.
  • Take advantage of our free-to-use web portal.
  • Learn from our comprehensive call data statistics.
  • Use our API support.

Which number should you choose?

You need to decide - with our help if needed - if your callers can call free or contribute to the call. Or if you want to generate revenue from your callers.