Tutorial Description Video
Account Details Tutorial Video tutorial giving you an overview of your account and where to find your account details. See Tutorial
Answerphone Tutorial Watch the video to see how to set-up and test an Answerphone service: See Tutorial
Basic Number Set Up How to choose a number and set it up with a Basic service. See Tutorial
Call Divert Number Change Tutorial How to change over the destination number in the Call Divert service See Tutorial
Call Divert Tutorial Watch the video to see how to set-up and test the Call Divert service: See Tutorial
Call Forward & Record Service Tutorial Watch the video to see how to set up and test a Call Forward & Record service: See Tutorial
Call Transfer Tutorial Watch this video tutorial to learn how to transfer a call. This feature is used with the Call Divert and Group Divert services  See Tutorial
Change Basic Number Video tutorial showing you how to change a basic number See Tutorial
Change Group Divert Music Video tutorial showing you how to change the music for the Group Divert service See Tutorial
Choose a Basic number Video tutorial showing you how to choose a basic number. See Tutorial
Extension Log On - Log Off Video tutorial showing you how to log extensions on and off: See Tutorial
Group Divert Service Tutorial Watch the video to learn how to Set-up and test a Group Divert (Hunt Group) service, add extentions, set-up queues, on-hold music and the call distribution mode: See Tutorial
How to Assign a Number to a Service Tutorial Tutorial showing how to assign a number to a service in your Callagenix account. See Tutorial
How to Remove an Advanced Service Number Video tutorial showing you how to remove an advanced service number in your Callagenix account See Tutorial
Information Line Tutorial Video tutorial of the setup of an Information Line service that plays an announcement to a caller. See Tutorial
Prompt Recording Tutorial Tutorial showing you how to record your voice prompts over the phone. Other methods are available, see the Prompt Recording page for details See Tutorial
Switchboard Service Tutorial Watch the video to learn how to set-up and test a Switchboard service and link services as a switchboard menu option: See Tutorial
Time of Day Service Tutorial Watch the video to learn how to set-up and test a Time of Day service using the 7 day, 24hr timer: See Tutorial


Video tutorials

We have a series of intuitive video tutorials to show you how easily our numbers and solutions are set up and managed.

We are always adding new videos to demonstrate the best practise of our services. If you have any suggestions for our next tutorial, please let us know.

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At Callagenix, we are committed to providing the best-possible customer support throughout the entire life of our solutions.

All enquiries are handled by Callagenix sales, support and engineering staff. Our usual customer support hours are from 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please take a look at our Assistant, on- line tutorials or FAQ pages. Or get in touch using the details below.

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When logging a suspected fault, we will need your

  • Callagenix account number,
  • Your contact phone number
  • The live number in question and a brief overview of the problem.
  • Date and rough time of the issue


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