Freephone 0800 numbers and UK toll free

0800 numbers, also known as freephone or toll-free numbers, are used by businesses of all sizes and are recognised by the public as a free call.

It is estimated that using an 0800 number to market your business will generate up to three times as many calls as a standard regional number.

Potential customers look for businesses with an 0800 number when browsing directories, believing they are more reliable and professional. An estimated 50 per cent of advertisers now use an 0800 number.

Join them and stop missing out on the leads your competitors are enjoying.

Typical use cases

0800 numbers are typically used for sales and marketing because they are non- geographic, giving you a UK-wide presence, irrespective of where you are based.

How much will the caller pay and where will the numbers work?

Calls made to 0800 numbers should be free from both landlines and mobiles. Although you can route the calls anywhere in the world, 0800 numbers can be called only from inside the UK. If you’re not sure what number you need, call us or click on the contact button for our expert advice.

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