Flexible phone services for disaster recovery

When disaster strikes, we've got your number.

Covid-19 has taught us that every organisation, from the private to the public to the charity sector, needs to be ready for the unexpected.

Telecommunications is a vital - but often neglected - part of disaster recovery planning and Callagenix has flexible solutions to complement your business continuity strategy, allowing you to continue to handle incoming calls and communicate with your staff, clients and suppliers.

Our solutions are cost-effective and easy to set up, providing you with a robust service to keep your organisation functioning no matter what the world throws at it. We hope you will never have to use them. But, if the worst happens, Callagenix offers a range of trusted telephony solutions which cover everything from simple emergency information lines to a complete copy of your telephone or PBX system, hosted in the cloud. And most solutions in between.

You design your back-up plan (although we can help with that, too) and then choose the solutions you need. They sit ready in the background for you to activate - when you want to run a scheduled test or if you should ever have to face a real emergency.

And you can switch seamlessly back to your regular telephone system when your business returns to normal. Don’t risk the consistency of your communications. Reinforce your disaster recovery strategy with Callagenix business continuity solutions.


Business Continuity costs plans will depend upon the scale and complexity of your requirements. Entry level costs start from £200.75 per year.

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