0844 and 0871 revenue generating phone numbers

Numbers with the prefix 0871, 0872 and 0844 are shared-cost numbers, where part of the cost of the call is paid to the business receiving it and generating a small amount of revenue.

They are not subject to the same conditions as 090 premium-rate numbers, but 0871 numbers must be registered with the PSA, the premium rate-regulator. And the promotion of the numbers must clearly state the call charges in the correct format.

0870 and 0845 numbers used to attract a revenue share, but this was banned some years ago by Ofcom.


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Typical use cases

The most common use of 084/7 numbers is for sales support or technical support lines. Some are also used for online directories, where banks of numbers are needed.


How much will the caller pay and where will the numbers work?

The cost of calls made to 084/7 numbers varies, as it is made up of two costs. Each prefix has a fixed cost regulated by Ofcom. The other cost varies and depends upon the “access plan” set by the caller’s service provider.

Although you can route the calls anywhere in the world, 084/7 numbers can be called only inside the UK.

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