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All Callagenix Solutions will have one or more of these service components within them. Think of them as a toolkit of service components that can be either used on there own like a simple call divert, or “bolted” together to produce an extremely sophisticated call routing solution. 

You can bolt as many together as you need, but you only pay for the service that sits at the top. All components can be tested and amended individually from within your free Callagenix account.  To make it even easier, we have made a short video to explain how they work.

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Group Divert (ACD)

When a call is received, it's held in a queue before being distributed to a group of numbers or extensions. These can be landline, mobile or IP (VoIP) anywhere in the world.

You can set priorities to determine how calls are answered, and manage numbers and extensions to ensure incoming calls are handled as efficiently as possible. Extension groups are also known as "hunt groups". Using the Group Divert service, you can set up multiple hunt groups and distribute calls to them as required.

Group Divert tutorial

Call Divert

With the Call Divert service you can forward calls instantly to any number (landline, mobile, VoIP, or international), so you can always be reached.

If you don’t want to or can’t answer, the caller will be played a recorded message and directed to voicemail, which can then automatically be sent to your smartphone or email address.

Call Divert tutorial

Virtual Switchboard

A fully integrated virtual switchboard service (hosted PBX) - all of the functionality of a large PBX (Private Branch Exchange) for a fraction of the cost.

When it’s time for your business to move or upgrade from your old PBX to a fully integrated switchboard, the Callagenix Virtual Switchboard service is the answer. Take control of your telephone system with intuitive online customisation and management, and all the functionality of a large PBX without the need to buy and maintain and hardware, for a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Switchboard tutorial

Time of Day

Fully automate your telephone system by programming which service will be used when.

If your telephone requirements change over a 7 day, 24 hour period, then our Time of Day service is the answer for you. With up to seven variable time slots, the Time of Day service allows you to programme auto-switching of call pathways to suit the needs of your business.

Time of Day tutorial


There’s no need to wait until you get back to the office to check if you have voicemail - with the Answerphone service you can collect your messages wherever you are.

When a caller leaves a message, we alert you by SMS or email whenever anyone leaves you any answerphone messages. You can then access them by phone, email or online, putting you in control. Hosted voicemail is a great way to add flexibility to your business call answering service.

Answerphone tutorial

Caller Select

With Caller Select you can set individual rules to handle calls differently based on the caller's number.

When you want more flexibility in how you treat different types of caller, the Callagenix Caller Select call routing service is the answer for you.


Fax to Email

Access your faxes via email or online without using a fax machine.

The Fax to Email service converts any incoming fax to a pdf and tiff files, then emails them direct to your inbox. With optional SMS notification and fax retrieval via email or your online control panel, the Fax to E-mail service is a simple and reliable solution.


Information Line

All incoming calls are played a customised recorded message that can be looped, or played once. Multiple callers can dial in simultaneously with no service disruption.

The Information Line service can be used for many things, such as staff and customer announcements, Chairman's statements, sharing opening hours or updates on a Staff Emergency line, racing Tipster lines or anything else you can think of.

With fully customisable messaging and the ability to handle thousands of simultaneous calls, the Information Line service allows you to share up to date news and information with your callers.

Information Line tutorial

Call Forward and Record

Record your outgoing calls with limitless storage and retrieve them easily without buying any hardware.

Whether you need to record your outbound calls and keep a stored copy for business or regulatory purposes, or if you wish to monitor outgoing calls for training purposes, the Call Forward and Record service is for you.

You can download your calls or listen to them online, or else combine this service with our MARR (Message Archive Recording and Retrieval) service to access unlimited storage and easy retrieval of archived messages.

Call Forward & Record tutorial

Shift Manager

Shift Manager allows you to manage your agents and extensions over long periods of time and make instant changes when required.

The Shift Manager service looks like an online calendar where you can see all your agents and who is logged on and off. It allows you to manage all their scheduled logons / offs via one central location.

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PIN Entry

Secure access to your phone systems with a PIN (Personal Identification Number).

When you need to control phone access to your telephone services, the Callagenix PIN Entry service is the answer for you. Simple to operate, the PIN code entry service can be used alongside all other Callagenix Services.

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