VoIP and landline phones

Callagenix support engineers have tested the following range of software and hardware options that can be used as IP telephones.


Voip & Landline Phone
Gigaset A510H Handset Gigaset C430H Handset

Gigaset A510H Handset

A great value handset option with a sleek look and smart features.

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Gigaset C430H Handset

The Gigaset C430H is a reliable and fully featured handset - perfect for your VoIP system.

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Gigaset N300 IP Gigaset R630H PRO

Gigaset N300 IP

The Gigaset N300 IP DECT IP base station. Supports 3 VoIP + 1 landline (up to 6 handsets can be registered).

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Gigaset R630H PRO

The Gigaset R630H PRO Robust DECT Handset. Must be used with a Gigaset DECT base station.

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Voip Only Phones
Cisco 301G Cisco 303G

Cisco 301G

A single line, VoIP only telephone. Includes UK power supply, cable, ethernet, quick install guide and CD.

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Cisco 303G

A single line voip only telephone. Includes UK power supply & clip, cable, ethernet, quick install guide & CD and LCD Display.

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Snom 320 Snom 360

Snom 320

Ideal for general office and knowledge-worker environments, the Snom 320 is an affordable, yet powerful SIP business telephone.

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Snom 360

The Snom 360 is designed for maximum productivity and efficiency in the everyday business environment.

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Plantronics M175C Snom MM2 and MM3 Headsets

Plantronics M175C

The Plantronics M175C has a 2.5mm jack plug and fits most Gigasets and Cisco Linksys phones.

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Snom MM2 and MM3 Headsets

The Snom MM2 and MM3 headsets are recommended for use with Snom phones

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Callagenix Softphone Powered by Zoiper 5

Use your Callagenix VoIP service on your smartphone or computer by installing the popular Zopier app.

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