VoiP multi location business systems

Multi-location VoIP connects more than one remote office as one, so that all staff can work as a team, wherever they are.

Use the Callagenix cloud platform to easily connect all of your offices, as if they were under one roof.

Most organisations simply need a broadband connection and a phone capable of accepting VoIP calls, or a computer or smartphone with a VoIP software app. For bigger organisations with greater call volumes, a dedicated SIP trunk will be a better option. (SIPP Trunking url link)

When your organisation receives a call it is distributed to any of your teams in any order to any of your locations. The smart, cloud-based system knows who is busy and who is waiting, allowing calls to be shared out quickly and efficiently.

A wide range of reports allows you to monitor your customers’ experience and the performance of your teams, and a supervisor function lets managers view calls on a wallboard and make changes on the fly.


Costs start from £332.15 per year including a standard UK number.



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