03 0300 0333 UK phone numbers

03 numbers are non-geographic, UK-wide numbers with a price point equivalent to 01 and 02 regional numbers. They are becoming more popular than freephone 0800 numbers because they cost their owners less to run but, in most cases, are the same cost for callers.

There are three types. 0300 for non-profit organisations like registered charities, councils and other public sector organisations. 0333 for any business. And a special 03 prefix which mirrors the old 0845, 0870 numbers. For example, 0845 becomes 0345.

Callagenix 0300 and 0333 numbers are hosted in the cloud, allowing you to set up numbers regardless of your location. Make your choice then decide how your numbers work for you.


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Typical use cases

03 numbers offer UK and international businesses an attractive national and non- geographic alternative to 084 or 087 numbers. 0333 numbers are usually free as part of an inclusive call package or cost less to call, even from a mobile.

0300 numbers give credibility to charities, non-profit or public service organisations. They are a signal of professionalism and recognition to callers. So much so, that most organisations in the public and private sectors are using 0300 and 0333 numbers as their main contact number. Organisations are also using them for sales and marketing, staff emergency or DR lines.

In our experience, 03xx numbers are becoming the most popular choice for customer-facing contact numbers.


How much will the caller pay and where will the numbers work?

Landline and mobile callers can usually ring 03 numbers as part of their 01/02 inclusive minutes plan. Otherwise, calls will be charged at the local rate for landline and mobile users.

03 numbers can be called from outside the UK - unlike 0800, 087 or 084 numbers - so international partners, prospects or customers can still reach you easily.

And, as with all Callagenix numbers, calls made to the number can be routed anywhere in the world.

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