Follow the sun phone systems

We ensure the sun never sets on your business.

Global businesses need to be on call at any time. Anywhere.

Our follow-the-sun option allows any Callagenix solution to be controlled using a seven-day, 24-hour timer.

The system allows you to route calls using up to seven time slots, each with its own unique service combination, through our online management system. If you have a global operation, your UK call centre could take calls from 9am to 6pm. Then, calls could be routed to Asia until 2am. From 2am, calls could be routed to the USA.

Call scheduler

To programme a call-routing solution which extends beyond a seven-day window, we offer a calendar-based scheduling option. The solution looks and feels like an on-line calendar, but adds the power to let different call routing plans be added by date and time.

And you can easily build up routing options for longer periods of time by duplicating weekly or monthly plans - which is particularly useful if you are scheduling part-time staff or teams based on their availability.


Follow the Sun service costs from £332.15 per year.

See how our Follow-The-Sun and Call Scheduling options can keep your business in touch.