01 and 02 UK Regional numbers

UK regional telephone numbers, sometimes called DID numbers, are standard UK local telephone numbers with an 01 or 02 dialling code.

Everyone in the UK is familiar with 01 and 02 numbers and how they work, so it’s no surprise that they’re a popular choice with our customers.

Callagenix regional numbers are hosted in the cloud, allowing you to set up numbers in area codes of your choice without being based there. Make your choice then decide how your numbers work for you.

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Typical Use Cases

One of the main reasons to use a UK regional number is to establish a local presence without having to be there. You have the same area code as local businesses but you can be anywhere in the world.

Overseas companies often use a regional number to create a UK presence. Potential customers are reassured by a local number, rather than having to dial an overseas number. Incidentally, UK companies doing business abroad can set up the same presence overseas with our range of international numbers.

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How much will the caller pay and where will the numbers work? 

Landline and mobile callers can usually call 01 and 02 numbers as part of their inclusive minutes plan. Otherwise, calls will be charged at the local rate for landline and mobile users.

UK 01/02 regional numbers can be called from outside the UK. They can then be routed anywhere in the world using the Callagenix web portal.
If you’re not sure what number you need, call us or click on the contact button for our expert advice.