UK Numbers

Some numbers are completely free of charge; however with numbers such as 03 and 08 numbers we suggest you contact us for the very latest and best rates.


UK Numbers

Revenue number types
0844 Pays from 1ppm Caller pays 5ppm *
0871 Pays from 3ppm Caller pays 10ppm *
0872 Pays from 2ppm Caller pays 7ppm *
090x Premium rate Rates shown below  

* Plus their network's access charge

Premium Rate Numbers

All premium rate services have a £350.00 per annum service fee plus a one off £150.00 number setup charge.

Under the regulators guidelines, revenues are paid monthly in arrears into a UK bank account. (Suitable ID is also required – enquire for details)

UK Premium Rate Numbers

Minimum Revenue payments are as follows.

090 Premium Rate Numbers/Pence per minute (ppm)
Cost to caller inc VAT from a BT landline * 10 ppm 25 ppm 50 ppm 60 ppm 75 ppm 100 ppm 150 ppm
Payout Ex VAT per min 3.5 ppm 12 ppm 30 ppm 36 ppm 47 ppm 66 ppm 101 ppm


090 Premium Rate Numbers/Pence per call (ppc)
Cost to caller inc VAT from a BT landline * 10 ppc 25 ppc 30 ppc 40 ppc 50 ppc 70 ppc 75 ppc 100 ppc 145 ppc
Payout Ex VAT per min 3.5 ppc 12 ppc 19 ppc TBC ppc 30 ppc TBC ppc 47 ppc 66 ppc TBC ppc

* plus their network's access charge

International Numbers

With most international numbers, there are three costs.

  • One off setup cost
  • Monthly number rental
  • Per minute call charge

Most UK numbers do not have a setup or monthly number rental.

Complete number costs are detailed in the International Numbers section of the web site.

Services & Solutions


Service/Solution costs

Call Divert, Answerphone, Information Line, Call Forward & Record, Fax to Email

59p per day
Group Divert, Time of Day, Virtual Switchboard, PIN Entry, Caller Select 98p per day
Call Conference, ACD Login, Voicemail Retrieval 44p per day

NOTE: There is only one charge per number, regardless of the services that make up the solution for that number

Payment Methods

In most cases, Callagenix operate using an automatic pre-pay method, very similar to a pay as you go mobile contract.

Your account must be kept in positive funds to allow your number(s) to operate correctly.  When your account reaches a low watermark level, we notify you by email that your account needs topping up. 

In most cases, customers will have set up an automatic payment method using either Direct Debit, or a credit or debit card.  If this is the case, a payment will be charged against your chosen method using the same details as before when the low watermark level is reached.  If payment is successful, a “paid VAT” receipt will be emailed to the email address on your account.

Those customers who do not have an automatic payment method need to make a payment via bank transfer. (Minimum payment £100 plus VAT – if applicable)

In some cases, for example, the public sector, or for some international clients, we can issue a manual invoice for account funding.


Operating Vouchers


Cost (ex VAT)
£25 £25
£50 £49
£100 £97
£200 £192
£500 £475
£1,000 £945
£2,000 £1,875


Direct Debit from a UK Bank Account

Download DD form

Bank Transfer

Funds can be paid directly by bank transfer to our account. The minimum amount payable by this method is 100 pounds plus VAT. 

If paying by bank transfer, please first ensure you contact Callagenix via email to quoting your account Name or ID to confirm payment details. 

Bank Details

Paying in Euros

If you wish to pay in Euros please contact for more information.

Low Watermark

The Low Watermark figure is automatically calculated to be 20% of the Operating Balance when the last payment was credited. This figure will provide a warning to allow you to top up your account manual.