Quick and easy public or private conference calls with all the controls you need

Conference calls have gone from a convenience to a way of life in the post-pandemic era.

Yes, it's true, a lot of people are using video conferencing like Zoom and Teams, but if you don't have enough bandwidth, but want something simple and without the need to install software, telephone conferencing is still a bit hit.

We offer two types of conference call services, public and private, and setting them up is quick and easy.

Public conferencing - Why not try it now?

Call 0333 247 0321 to create or join a conference (outside the UK use prefix +44).  

Call the number above and select “2” from the options menu. Share the provided PIN number with anyone you want to attend.  At the arranged time, attendees simply call the same number and select “1” from the options menu to join the conference, using the PIN you have given them to gain access.

Setting up the call is free and attendees simply pay their usual local rate for 01, 02 and 03 numbers. If the caller has a landline or mobile all-inclusive minutes package, calls to the 0333 number are usually included.

The Public conference call facility can host up to 50 participants with no set- up fee and no need for an account. Just call and go.

Private conference

Private conferences are for clients who want more control over their conference calls. Rather than using the public number, you can assign any number type in your account for private conference calls, even an 0800 number if you want your staff to join for free. You can even assign multiple numbers, as well as international numbers to include overseas staff and clients.

Other features include:

  • A choice of numbers (UK and International).
  • Moderator control.
  • Assignment of PINS for speak and listen, or listen only.
  • CLI access for increased security.
  • Conference recording.


Pricing plans start from £200.75 per year.

Find out how our call conferencing solutions can work for your organisation.