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A boost for business VoIP

Voip & remote working

In October 2022 we reported on Ofcom’s Autumn Connected Nations update which, amongst other matters, highlighted the increasing part played by broadband in delivering hybrid working and improved business connectivity. In December, Ofcom published its annual report and it’s more good news for UK businesses.

VoIP remote working

The past few years have demonstrated only too well the benefits of being able to flexibly deploy staff who otherwise might not be able to fully contribute to the life of the business. It doesn’t really matter whether factors such as inclement weather or transport strikes are preventing travel, or if Covid isolation or family circumstances necessitate some time at home. Whatever the reason, being able to offer remote working over broadband allied to VoIP calling can help to ensure that your people can continue to work even whilst away from the office.

So when Ofcom reported that over the past year full fibre broadband has been made available to 4.3million more premises than a year ago, that’s a great boost not only for individuals but also for businesses which are looking to offer flexible working from home. And whilst Ofcom acknowledges that some 80,000 homes and business across the UK still don’t have access to decent broadband, they expect this number to fall over the course of 2023 with options including satellite broadband being investigated for the most remote areas.

Multi-location VoIP systems

Whilst the ability to offer flexible VoIP remote working may suit some organisations, others may see multi-location VoIP working as an intrinsic part of their business model. Particularly so in the case of organisations which either have multiple offices across the country, or even the world, or who value the ability to recruit people from a wide geographic area. For these businesses VoIP multi-location business systems may be the preferred option.

Connecting all locations via the same system not only enables cost effective internal communications, it also enables incoming calls to be seamlessly routed across the organisation. As far as your customers are concerned, they are simply calling your business. But the flexibility of a multi-location system means that your customer call could be answered by a free team member who is working from anywhere across the globe.

The broadband roll-out is only going to continue as systems and lines are upgraded to offer ever faster speeds and more reliable connections. This offers a tremendous opportunity to businesses which are able to take advantage of multi-location and flexible VoIP systems. As Ofcom’s Network and Communications Group Director commented:  “Millions more people are benefiting from faster, more reliable internet as the rapid rollout of full-fibre broadband continues” adding “It’s also encouraging to see more people in hard-to-reach areas get access to decent broadband, as work continues to connect rural communities.”

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